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Posted by Josephine on May 24, 2010 - 04:32 PM

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When I think of what’s happening to our country, I could cry.  I dare not start for the sadness would be too intense.  How did we ever allow so few people to control the destiny and wellbeing of our country.  All the money that middle class people lost, is not evaporated into thin air, not burned to ashes.  Sure some of it is down the pleasure drain but a lot of it is piled high in the coffers of about 15 % of the people.  These are the same people who have no compassion or care for the well-being or health of the rest of us, despite the disingenuous protestations that we are saddling our grandchildren with great debt.  If they are so concerned why don’t they give the IRS a bonus of say 5% of whatever they earned over and above what they made 2 years ago. They would still have enough, not only to live on but to generate jobs that are so important to the health and well-being of our people.  That would get us out of hock pretty fast.

And what about Mr. Dick Cheney and his cabal?  Why hasn’t he been brought before our Justice Department for what he and his cronies have done and are doing to our waters and to our earth.  And how his subsidiaries have defrauded our treasury.  How is it that these selfish, sanctimonious, duplicitous, arrogant thieves are allowed to roam the earth?  These people who have so little care for our soldiers, our poor, our sick and the struggling middle class.    Our country used to be the envy of the world because of our creative spirit, fine schools and compassion.  Today we are no where near the top.  How can we be if we do not pay attention to the education of our young and the health of our populations.  And I do mean populations for we have welcomed many to our shores and they have contributed much to our life.  We used to be the great experiment but I think the laboratory has closed down.


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