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Posted by Josephine on Jun 11, 2010 - 01:19 PM

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All too often we, human beings value things once they’re gone. That notion occurred to me when I retired in 1997 and it was for that reason, I embarked on a way of life that would not only value what I was walking into but would try to share that with others. After all, I was retiring from a job, not from life. That is the reason I set up a web site dedicated to showcasing all the good things present in an extended old age. The Bill of Rights posted on this site to the right of this blog is the doctrine I adopted, drafted in figurative language.

My reason for the figurative language is not only because I love poetry but so that each item could encompass more that it says. Poetic language doesn't tell us something, it points in the direction of meaning.  For example,

“to wake up without an alarm clock” is pretty obvious.  We no longer need to respond to an external demand for our alertness but to internal and more personal forces.  Or, “ Freedom to bird watch,”  frees us to explore and enjoy our environment with unhurried attention; similar to the trite but true, expression “smell the roses.”  You can substitute, architecture, neighborhood changes and whatever.  “Freedom to mentor the young” is different from “child care” because in mentoring, we open doors of the mind and share the benefits of various highways of life.  The “freedom to write poetry” is self evident in that we each have a yearning to be creative and there are so many ways, as you so well know. What if a person has never had a child, how would the “freedom from child care” apply to them?  Remember that the “Rights” are in figurative language and you can put any responsibility in place of it.  Let me know if you would add some additional thoughts here.

I know that a lot of older adults are physically more vulnerable than in earlier years, but that would be there anyway.  The important thing is to see the world that opens up along side of that vulnerability and not miss a minute of it. Even the physical vulnerability is easier to bear when we can embrace the gift of the freedoms and not wait for it all to pass away.
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