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Posted by Josephine
in Blogs

On Aug 18, 2010

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It is sickening to hear all the flack about ground zero, and that building a Muslim Center disrespects the lives lost on 9/11, 10 years ago. All distractions from the serious business of governing and who will continue to govern after November's election. The GOP has stirred up every kind of fear a political party can muster: fear of economic collapse, fear of saddling our children with debt,(this is a real concern but we can work out of it if we work TOGETHER) fear of another jihad attack, fear of immigrants, fear that our president is not a citizen, fear of socialism, communism and whatever else they can pull out of their ugly hat. I do believe we are in grave danger, danger to our way of life and our survival as a constitutional democracy. The danger we face comes from within. It is the very powerful corporate structure that rules this country! It is the soulless corporation that doesn't care about the middle class, about education, about the well being of our citizens. Many of the tea party folks who are sincere should be protesting this real enemy rather that fighting against their own self interest. Unless they are among the top 5 percent of this country's earners, they are screwing themselves.
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