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Posted by Josephine on May 08, 2009 - 06:28 PM

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Some of you may have seen a news item in last Sunday’s Chicago Tribune about a young couple discovered in their birthday suits, having a lusty sexual rump on the lawn of Windsor Castle [4]. This sort of thing is wonderful raw material for what is known as ‘found poetry.’ A good example of this is what Saturday Night Live did last Fall during the presidential campaign with Sarah Palin’s comments. In that case they barely had to change a word for the satire to work.

The following is my attempt at ‘found poetry’ based on Sunday’s news item from London. 

LONDON —Sunday, May 3, 2009

While the queen mum
was in the parlor
a young couple,
butt naked
had a sexual romp
on the lawn
of Windsor Castle,
a tourist attraction.
Ah —
you gotta love the English
for their devotion to all things royal.

The queen’s spokesman
who by tradition
must not be named said, “We
are not saying anything about this actual event.”
Clearing up any rumor, with authority,
that a virtual event, it was not.

As cameras flashed
an officer’s
demand to ‘stop’!
went unheeded
by the enraptured pair
but then
‘snapped out of it’.
as uniforms
came into view.
Arrest was swift
for ‘outraging
public decency’
the entire reality
a woman said,
“Aye, did they
not see the sign?”

and another one

On the lawn of Windsor Castle
There came a young couple to London
Who desired to make love with abandon
They were caught this one night
With tourists in plain sight
And nothing to cover their bun bun.

Whatever their reasons to try it
At the Palace they simply won’t buy it
Love making in the nude
Is  not only crude
But in truth ‘tis mostly not  cricket.

The sheriff’s men yelled, “stop!”
But the young ones heard nary a pop
“Indecency’s the charge!”
Yelled out the sarge
 to jail they went with nary a yawp.

I know being daring’s a gas
Entertaining tourists in bare ass
Yet says a photographer
Whose being much wiser
Jo Stewart©

May, 2009 

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