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Dick Chaney

Posted by Josephine
in Blogs

On May 12, 2009

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 Today, I sent the following letter to the Voice of the People of the Chicago Tribune:

 I can see why Fox News or Rush Limbaugh would give Dick Chaney a podium to spew his lies and criticism of the current administration but why a network like CBS would host him (in a very soft interview) is beyond me.

What is most disturbing is that in these critical times, Dick Chaney is attempting to undermine the people’s confidence in the current leadership: and to make a case in his own defense against the possibility of prosecution. It is also beyond any sense of reality to hear him say that in seven and a half years the lives of Americans were kept safe. I wonder who was dying on the streets of Iraq if not just under 4000 American YOUNG men and women? Were they not the valuable human resources of our future? Also, to publicaly compare and chose Rush Limbaugh over Secretary Colin Powell!!! Unbelievable!!! Powell, a proven and decorated war hero! Dick Chaney is like the school yard bully, strutting, threatening and fear mongering but when he had the chance to put his life on the line for love of country, he was successful in getting deferment after deferment. What that defines is Coward and not public servant. The rest is self interest on his part. He has enriched himself with worldly goods and fed his huge ego. And none of his activities has changed his markings of Coward. Someone, please show him the door, hopefully the prison door.

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Author: Paul
May 15, 2009
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On the Board of A Private Army
I wonder at times, if being on the board of the worlds LARGEST privately run Army/Mercenary Forces has some kind of perks?

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