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A Poem by Jo Stewart

make,v. - to create - Syn. originate,cause,
conceive; see compose, create, invent,
produce.  Webster's  New World Thesaurus            

Digging into that hollow
Where dry bones and spider's work prevail,
And shadows make shapes
Unknown to the eye,  
Visions come uncalled,

And in that dank
Of earthly despair
Things real and not real
Clamor to be felt
Indifferent to fear,

Indifferent but still
Demanding, surging,
Swelling, filling caverns
And caverns of space

Wake then
At the dawn
Of a timeless morn,
Mourning time's hard shell.
Of days split asunder.

Revealing new presences.
Shaped and reshaped,
Planted and

Published in The Journal, Vol. 15

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Northwestern University, Chicago 


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