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A Very Special Love by Ann Stasiak

I stood up, and looked down at the figure in bed. He had jet-black hair which curled no matter how many times it was brushed and eyelashes that any woman would die for, long, black and curly. How long had it been since they met?....Five or maybe six wonderful years ago. I can’t ever forget the day we met. 

I was on my way to what one might call, a blind date. I was filled with anticipation. Would I like him? Would he like me? It was a wonderful day; the sun was shining and the sky never looked so pretty. Clouds were billowing and taking the form of animals, houses and people. I thought back to when I was a child and with my friends would lay on the grass and pick out forms we saw in the clouds. With these thoughts floating in and out of my mind, I suddenly arrived at our meeting place. I entered and there he was looking at me with his dark eyes and hair all shinny. I took one look at him and knew he was meant for me.

I could tell he was a little shy because as I approached him, he sort of half turned away but didn’t get far. We started to talk, but I must admit, I did most of the talking. Later we went for coffee and that was the beginning. We were inseparable. We did everything together; long walks, dinners, overnight jaunts, so many fun things. He liked everything I liked to eat, and if I turned away briefly, something would always be missing from my plate. He loved spaghetti, with sauce and ribs or olio with lots of garlic. Meat was high on his list of favorites but also fruit. He liked certain vegetable but vegetable were not his first choice

When we watched television, he never complained at the programs I picked, nor did he ever try to change them

I got into bed and looked at his wonderful face. I marveled at my good luck in having met him. Suddenly, I heard the door to our apartment opening. I knew it must be my husband. He entered the bedroom to tell me that he got off work early. Bon Jour jumped to his feet and everything happed so fast. Bon Jour jumped up on top of the bed, his body quivering, he was ready to defend me against the intruder. When my husband spoke, he stood his ground firmly, he sniffed him and decided he was okay. I will never ever have another poodle who I will love as I loved Bon Jour.

Originally Posted by: Josephine on Monday, June 10, 2002 - 05:02 PM (118 Reads)


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